We are your best ally here to help you reinforce the teaching level of your school. 
"La Sentío flamenco school" provides you with stimulating, fresh, and current material every year so that you can save time and money on research, creation, or study trips to Spain. There is no other alternative on the market as complete as ours.
School teachers have to face the challenge of creating new choreographies with the huge responsibility of transmitting a concept of flamenco faithful to the tradition, with clear concepts, to build a solid foundation for students of all levels.

Design of the didactic program based on the different levels of learning
Creation of traditional whole choreographies effective to dance on stage 
Choreographies on musical tracks.

Our services include creating instructional material and monitoring for flamenco schools both in-person and online, creating choreographies for school use to be performed with live musicians, choreographies on musical tracks, traditional complete and functional dances to be performed with live musicians, and providing assistance with resources and tools for teachers, musical advice to execute choreographies with live musicians, specific technique exercises for each group of students according to their level and specific needs, and the design of the didactic program for the academic year, with the possibility of a starter workshop in person at school, a progress online monitoring, and the final evaluation in person, online, or a combination of both. 

We offer the option of generating content exclusively for the school, under either the name of Irene “La Sentío” or the name of the school, with prices varying accordingly. To prepare customized content for you and your school, we need to know the location of the school, the number of students in each group and their level of flamenco, the main goal, how we can help you, and the deadline for receiving the entire choreography or part of it. 

We combine videos with in-person workshops and/or online monitoring  

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