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I have been taking classes from Irene "La Sentío" at 'Cuidarte con Arte' for a number of years. I am so grateful to have found her classes. They not only include choreography and body technique coursework at a level that is rigorous, but Irene is patient and interactive. If I have questions, I always feel comfortable asking. She has numerous palos and courses available. The courses not only introduce you to movement and choreography, but Irene sincerely wants her students to understand the structure and language of Flamenco. She does not instruct "in front" of the class, but in a safe and encouraging way, checks for student understanding. 
TANIA F. - Los Angeles, USA

'Cuidarte con Arte' presents a large variety of coursework that can be completed online live or in recorded formats. She is organized and always responsive if I have any questions. Coursework is consistent and I can feel myself improving. I am in a location where I cannot take classes in person and I know my classes with Irene are challenging me to take my Flamenco to the next level at my own pace. For those who might have concerns about language, Irene is fluent in Spanish (of course!), English, Italian, and also Greek. She is patient and encouraging! I would highly recommend her courses!
Kelly B. - Idaho, USA

I am so thankful and honoured getting taught by the amazing Irene "La Sentío". She is not only an incredible dancer, but also a brillant teacher with a lot of heart, experience, understanding and patience. She taught me things I never heard before from any other teacher in the past. I'll definitely come back to Seville to stydy with her again!
Aline - Germany

"Irene’s online classes have been a real gift to me and I feel very lucky to have found her!

As a person and as a teacher Irene has been a revelation from the very first moment: she transmits love, she shares her knowledge with generosity, she has a good sense of humor and she’s so dedicated to each one of the students she looks carefully and with love…this is extraordinary! Even if dancing online behind a screen is always a bit difficult, her classes have always gone to my heart and they filled me up with life: we all ended up dancing and having so much fun!!!
Sybille H. - Germany 

Irene has a lot of empathy with her students. I immediately liked her way of teaching and thanks to her, I started improving from the real beginning. Irene takes care of each student in detail and without any distinction. Each class is done meticulously and, thanks to the videos, I can keep on working at my own pace. She always answers my questions, doubts and she helps me trust in myself! With Irene, I made an extremely huge improvement. I grew both on a technical level (vueltas, coordination, footwork) and on the understanding level (listening and dancing to the cante, trying the different options to create a dance). Irene has an incredible energy which gives me the hunger to keep it up. I love her dynamic remates. It’s a real pleasure learning to dance with Irene.
Cécile - France

Learning with Irene is a complete experience, both during individual and group classes. Her teaching techniques have made my feet sound more musical and my movements more authentic. I don’t just "tap my feet a compás", I have learnt to give them a more musical expression, like a voice singing something. And I don’t just “move “, I have discovered the sensations and emotions behind the movements. I have learnt what it really meant to “dance with the guts”. During the classes, Irene watches us and corrects us, and we can ask her any question we have (in Spanish, English or Italian...) Then, she sends us the video of the class to practice at our own pace. As we can watch ourselves on video, we can become aware of the defects we couldn't see in the mirror. This is everything I needed to progress technically and artistically.
Marion - France

I am so happy to have an alternate online learning opportunity to do regular classes. "La Sentío" offers advanced-level workshops that I can only get when I am in Spain. Her Masterclasses offer professional-level development. Masterclasses are both challenging and fun. I love her style and teaching techniques. 
Debra - Washington, USA

Irene is a great flamenco teacher, her online classes are complete; she works on both footwork and body technique, with remates and tools to “bailar al cante”. She has an explosive energy and with her I gained speed and ‘flamencura’. She teaches with generosity, with her soul and heart, that’s what I love of her the most.
Sherine - Spain
“I like the online course of Irene a lot. The videos are in high quality. Part by part we can learn the choreography. The videos are good structured and easy to follow. The steps are repeated from the front and back. Body language and accents are well explained. Even in less space at home you can learn it. Even if my spanish is not fluently, I can follow the explanations. We get additional information about "Solea" and the vocals. After the training I feel always very happy, "con mucha energía" and my body is woken up due to the dynamic and powerful choreo. Thanks a lot Irene. I can't wait for the next video.”

Franziska J. - Germany

“At first I thought that learning a choreography by videos would be boring. But that’s not true! Irene explains the steps very well, she shows them in different speeds, from different angles so that you can understand them fully. Furthermore, not only does she explain the steps but also the body movements, their intentions and sometimmes she explains the technique of certain movements, turns, etc. I like that besides the steps, she explains the `letra´and all the possible structures in the `baile´When I place myself in front of the screen I feel like I'm in a real lesson!”.
Christin O. -  Germany

“I was so excited to find out Irene is giving clases online, that I can take her lessons even I’m not in Sevilla!! The videos are well organized, that you can repeat over and over until you get it right. And she explains each step in details, from one angle to another, plus some tips to make meaningful movements. Just love watching her movements :)”
Noriko S. – Japan

“This course is very well organised, with a good method which enables you to learn the whole choreography on your own, without the teacher but with very clear explanations of each part of the choreography. Thanks to the online tutor option, I received useful commentaries about my rehearsal videos, which has helped me a lot in improving different aspects of my dance.”
Yulia K. - Russia

" I have always appreciated and followed Irene "La Sentío" as an artist and when I found out the chance to study her material online, I didn’t lose time. I’ve chosen the whole Soleá choreography and I can say that the steps and the body movements are so well explained. You feel like you are in a real live class. I really recommend this program!”
Martina C. - Italy

"This is a wonderful option for those who can’t go to an in-person class. Irene makes things easy by showing every step slowly and with the compás very clear. Besides this, she gives clues for the body work, which makes the learning fluent and complete. As for the online tutor is concerned, it’s a good option which allows you to benefit from the pieces of advice that Irene gives you, in spite of the distance. "
Paquita M. - France

“I like this online course very much! I can learn whenever I have time and at any hour. Irene explains the steps and the body movements with all the details. Besides, she shows them front and back so that you can see perfectly her arms, her hands and her head. She does all this at a very slow speed, well explained, and then at real speed. One thing that I really appreciate is that Irene sings the `letra´, so that you can recognise when you have to do the `remate´. This course is like a trasure to me and I hope Irene will offer more others. If you live outside of Spain, this is an unbelievable chance!”
Sabine E. - Germany

“I got to know Irene in 2019 and from the first moment I really liked her `flamencura´ and the beautiful energy in her classes. This course makes you feel as if you were in class with her: everything is very clear, precise and you get different explanations of how to use the steps. This course is perfect to study at your rhythm. The choreography is very beautiful and when you dance it you get a wonderful feeling. It helps me a lot to repeat the lesson as many times as I want and every time I discover new details. Thank you Irene for making this posible and for bringing your `flamencura´to our homes.”
Gabriella H. - Holland

"This method is brilliant and essential in order to study, train and prove yourself! I really recommend it because Irene explains very well all the sequence which is divided in smaller parts: she does it slowly, with compás and counting! You don't miss any detail, thanks to the front and back shot, plus another one for the footwork. It is so comfortable to open the video whenever you want without leaving your home! Thank you Irene… your name is a guarantee!”
Claudia P. - Italy

“I’m so happy about this course and I’m learning a lot! This is incredible: Irene explains all the dance paying attention to all the details which are necessaries in order to learn the whole choreography in a complete way. This is a great venture by a great person, bailaora and teacher. I’m enjoying and learning a lot thanks to this project. Thank you very much Irene.”
Gema G. - Spain

“This online course `por Soleá´ is an excellent piece of work. Whether you want some inspiration, or if you want to learn a new choreography, or you want to understand the 'soleá', this course works in any case! What a wonderful dancer and great teacher.”
Claudia K. - Greece

“As I already knew Irene’s great professionality, I decided to participate in her online flamenco project. I can say that the choreography she made is very beautiful, very well structured and wonderfully explained. Thank you Irene for this beautiful and productive chance to study with you.”
Tiziana M. -  Italy

“Irene is a teacher with a great pedagogy; I took her online classes and I can say they’re comprehensive. She adapts to all levels, she explains everything both dance and singing,  and she rocks it! Even online, she takes her time to carefully correct us, one by one. Her classes are very fun and we always enjoy them a lot!”
Léa C. – France

 “This is a valuable chance for me to study with regularity and to keep on studying and understanding flamenco better. Irene is a committed teacher, who transmits her own style without imposing it but adapting it to the student’s needs and features. The classes are well-structured: at the end of each, Irene sends the recording so that you can go through the class again, with a good audio and great shots”.
Sara S. - Italy

 “The bulerías classes without shoes was great because I cannot do footwork in my apartment. I learnt a lot of steps but most of all, how to use them with the ‘cante’: that was the most interesting to me. Besides, Irene has an excellent pedagogy and she is so patient! I truly recommend her classes!
Serena S. – France

“It’s a real gift having found Irene, and she’s like a treasure chest: each lesson is rich in technique, exercises and new pieces of advice. She’s so generous in transmitting her professionality. She gives a lot, so that each one can work at their own pace and really grow. I listened to my heart and felt flamenco inside of me: Irene is an explosion of flamenco, and she drags you with her.”
Carolina C. – Italy
Irene is the teacher that any flamenco lover needs. She has created a method that really makes you improve your level. After many years studying with other teachers, I was stuck in a level where I felt I wasn't improving anymore. Since I started with Irene's method, I've finally noticed my improvement and now I can finally attend other teachers' workshops with much more consciousness and less difficulties. Her method makes you improve both the body and footwork technique, always along with the iknowledge of the compás and of all the unwritten rules of flamenco. She is passionate about teaching and careful about making you understand flamenco with consciousness. Studying with her is not to be missed!
Angela M. - Italy

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