Learning program ®"Cuidarte con Arte"
An entire educational program specifically designed for distance learning

Start learning flamenco with us, from anywhere in the world!
Join us for a day or a month 
Build up your own schedule and unlock your educational independence
For those who are unable to attend classes in person, online learning can be a great option. 
With Irene's guidance, dedication, and practice, you can become a confident and competent flamenco dancer.
Online learning has been embraced by many people around the world and it is a great way to learn new skills adapted to your lifestyle and needs, with access to a variety of different learning methods, to get the most out of your practice time. 

Irene works with each student individually to help them develop their own abilities and to become confident in any situation. She explains the codes, the steps, and the techniques of flamenco in an easy-to-understand way, and also shares her own personal anecdotes to facilitate learning. 

Her classes are dynamic and engaging, and she covers all aspects of in-person classes including "compás", musicality, and expressiveness. 
Our courses and content are specifically designed for online learning and tailored to fit your lifestyle and needs. All are available in 4 different languages: English, Spanish, Italian, and Greek. There are no organizations providing this fully dedicated & multilingual learning option.

You can also find help with choreography, and practice techniques to help you perfect your moves. 
You can choose the learning method that works best for you, be it ON-DEMAND videos, private lessons, or even interactive live classes. With so many options available, you are sure to find the right learning system for you. 

With easy access to the best learning methods and tailored courses, you can learn to dance flamenco while enjoying the experience. Start learning today and see for yourself the difference that an online learning system can make.
Whatever you are struggling with, these classes can help, saving you from frustration. Taking a class that is focused on the specific problems you are having can make a huge difference in your dancing. Irene can give you the individual attention you need to ensure your improvement.
Our tutoring class will help dancers of any level to break through the ceiling of their current level. It provides an environment of trust and respect to correct any technical conditions of the dance and develop body expression. With this specific attention to detail tutoring, dancers can become more confident in their abilities and use their refined skills to express their emotions more meaningfully and creatively.  
Tablao Codes classes
Tablao Codes classes
Tutoring classes
Tutoring classes
Manton Classes
Manton Classes
The combination of learning and connection will help you to stay motivated and committed to your goals.
Group classes provide an exciting and valuable opportunity to learn and grow in flamenco giving you the chance to actively engage with the music, ask questions, and get valuable feedback from Irene. Our live classes have been designed to promote learning through participation, and the value of belonging to a flamenco community. With this formula, your commitment to flamenco is improved by validating your goals, and staying connected and committed to them. Irene observes the students with attention and corrects them in detail, listening to their steps from the camera and giving them specific directions to improve.
We are proud to provide a safe space for everyone to come together and express themselves, no matter where they are from or what their level of dance experience may be.
Thanks to our top-of-the-line equipment of cameras, lenses, and microphones we provide a very realistic and immersive experience that accurately mimics a real-time in-person class.
The classes are also recorded so you can review the material or watch the choreographies you have learned. 
Thanks to our four-language (English, Spanish, Italian & Greek) approach, Irene is able to easily communicate with the students, thus providing a more comprehensive learning experience.
At the end of the class, there's a Q&A and social break and to get to know each other and be part of the flamenco community.

Our current classes include:
Body technique
Footwork technique
Flamenco music & codes
Bailar 'por Tangos'
Bulerías 'al cante'
Mantón class
Masterclasses on different 'Palos'

Through live classes, you can take advantage of the collective energy of the group and use it to fuel your own development in flamenco.

Technique classes focus not only on the different footwork techniques but also on the collocation of the body and on the coordination between both. We work on different materials with turns, 'marcajes', and lots of flamenco attitude. 


In this class we work on the different techniques you need in order to achieve cleanliness in your sound, strength, speed and musicality. By practicing the specific exercises at different speeds, you'll improve your 'zapateado' and get the tools to create your own steps. 

Perfect for newcomers, this class provides a strong foundation about the compás, rhythm, palmas, footwork, and body technique. We clarify all those concepts and terminology that will help you crack the codes of Flamenco and understand its musicality. We establish an effective learning method, ensuring a frustration-free journey from day one.

These classes are a guided listening work, with the purpose to integrate the "cante por tangos" to finally understand its different styles and how to dance accordingly. Not only do we learn steps but we also try all the different options we have to use the material according to the "cante".

These classes are a guided listening work, with the purpose to integrate the different styles of "cante por bulerías" to finally understand  its different styles and how to dance accordingly. Not only do we learn steps but we also try all the different options we have to dance them according to the "cante".

MANTÓN class
In these classes we work on the basic techniques that will help you move your shawl properly, and we apply those exercises to different 'palos flamencos'.
In these classes we dance and analyze the specifics of one 'palo flamenco' : we learn how to dance according to the 'cante' and how to control the structure of the whole dance, with all its different options.

Benefits of participating in live classes:

- Reinforce your commitment to Flamenco and to yourself.
- Stay focused on your goals.
- Evaluation and correction in real-time.
- Ask anything you need to know from an active professional renowned bailaora, in Spanish, English, Italian, or Greek.
- Be part of an authentic flamenco community.
If you cannot attend the class or if you would rather not, you can have extended access to the recording of the class, allowing you to watch it at your own pace and best convenience, as many times as necessary. Construct a class schedule to stay focused and make progress toward your main objective.
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