Private or Group Classes
Irene works individually with each student so that they can develop their own abilities and function effectively in any potential situation. She explains the reason for each step, and the codes that govern flamenco art, and also share tricks and personal anecdotes that facilitate learning to dance. Our classes are dynamic, addressing technique as well as aspects such as coordination, sense of timing, musical ear, and body expressiveness. 
We understand your needs and can advise you on the class program that best suits your educational needs, agree on the number of class hours, and arrange for the dance studio and even musicians to accompany the classes. 
If you are looking for a unique way to experience Seville and learn the art of flamenco, contact us to arrange an intensive course with Irene. From basic steps to intricate combinations and choreographies, Irene will provide you with an unforgettable flamenco experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. With her enthusiasm, expertise, and dedication, she will make sure that you have a great time and learn a lot!
Before scheduling your next trip to Seville, do not hesitate to contact us to organize an intensive course, privately or in a group.
Bologna, Italy
Bologna, Italy
Toulouse, France
Toulouse, France
Montreal, Canada
Montreal, Canada
In addition, we offer the possibility to complement the classes with visits to flamenco shows, or to the historic flamenco tablaos in Seville. This way, you can gain an understanding of the history and culture of flamenco, as well as learn the dance technique.
The beauty of Seville and its surroundings, the passion of the Andalusian people, and the flamenco rhythm make Seville the perfect place to learn flamenco. Here, in the birthplace of this art, you can experience it in all its depth and intensity. Seville is the most authentic flamenco city in Spain, and its culture is a rich tapestry of music, dance, and people. 
Don't hesitate to contact us to organize an intensive course for you to get the best learning experience.
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced dancer, sometimes it can be difficult to really 'break through the ceiling' of your current level. You might be able to do the steps, but can't quite get that extra that makes it work.
Whatever you are struggling with, these classes can help, saving you from frustration. Taking a class that is focused on the specific problems you are having can make a huge difference in your dancing. Irene can give you the individual attention you need to ensure your improvement.
In these classes, we analyze the technical aspects of your dance. We give you the opportunity to correct any technical conditions of your dance, as well as develop body expression. We provide an environment of trust and respect, where you can express yourself and discuss your doubts.
The tutoring classes will help you reach your goals and make you feel more confident in your dancing.

With our tutoring, you can become more confident in your abilities and use your refined skills to express your emotions further in a creative and meaningful way. 
Dance also helps us to emotionally process situations. Through choreography, improvisation, and creative movement, we can provide you with a safe space to express your feelings and explore your emotions while providing you with the emotional support you need. In summary, dancing is a powerful form of self-expression that can help to improve both your physical and mental well-being. It can be a great way to connect with yourself. So why not take the time to move, express yourself, and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of dancing?
At our school, we are proud to provide education in four languages

Our four-language (English, Spanish, Italian & Greek) approach makes it easy for students to communicate with Irene and allows us to provide a more inclusive learning environment.
The workshops are based on the philosophy of learning to communicate through flamenco music. This means that the classes are interactive, so the student can acquire a better understanding of the language of flamenco and its musicality and culture. The workshops are designed to help you improve your flamenco skills and build a solid foundation for your future progress. With Irene's help, students unlock the secrets of flamenco dancing and have a great time doing it. So don't wait any longer and join us for workshops that will take your flamenco skills to the next level.

These courses are aimed at those with some level of flamenco dance technique. The main objective is to acquire a better understanding of flamenco in order to have a more complete and higher level of dancing. The classes will cover topics such as: 
Flamenco technique 
Flamenco improvisation 
Flamenco choreography 
Flamenco musicality, compás and cante.
Flamenco culture 
The workshops are also an excellent opportunity to learn about the history and culture of flamenco, as well as its musicality and improvisation. The classes will be adapted to the level of the participants and will be conducted in a fun and dynamic atmosphere. Irene has wide experience in teaching flamenco workshops to both amateurs and professional dancers. 
Irene's classes are always full of energy. She believes that flamenco is an art form that should be shared and enjoyed by everyone, and her workshops are designed to do just that. With Irene as your teacher, you can be sure that you will have a great time and that you will be able to take your flamenco skills to the next level.

Flamenco International Workshops
Flamenco International Workshops
 Flamenco International Workshops
Flamenco International Workshops
Masterclasses are similar to workshops, with the added bonus of being more intensive. They are designed to provide more comprehensive instruction, allowing participants to gain a greater understanding of the topic at hand. These classes typically involve a more structured format, with the instructor teaching the material in a more concentrated way. Participants usually have the opportunity to work with the instructor in a more detailed manner, allowing them to receive personalized feedback and mentorship. Masterclasses are often more expensive than workshops, due to the increased level of expertise and the more intensive instruction. However, many people find the increased level of knowledge and skill gained to be well worth the higher cost. Masterclasses are popular among those who want to gain a deeper understanding of a specific subject, as well as those who are looking to hone their existing skills.
At our academy, we offer Flamenco Communication classes.

Through these classes, students explore the intricate interplay between dance, singing, and music. We provide theoretical-practical classes that delve into the codes and techniques of each element, and how they interact to create a unique and passionate form of communication. 
We also explore the structure of Flamenco, and how to create successful communication between the performers. 
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