When it comes to Flamenco, it is important to have a firm understanding of the musicality codes and culture in order to dance authentically. "La Sentío" FLamenco School is rooted in the culture and traditions of Seville, and we are faithful to teaching the fundamentals of Flamenco. Our solid experience, knowledge, and comprehension of Flamenco’s musicality codes allow us to condense the theories into clear concepts that are easy to learn and understand.

By drinking from the source, so to speak, we are able to provide our students with a solid foundation in Flamenco. Our lessons are tailored to the individual, with the ability to teach students of all levels. We provide clear instructions and demonstrations that will help our students gain a deeper understanding of the music and the culture. We also provide guidance on how to dance with determination and authenticity.
At "La Sentío" FLamenco School we play internationally, you don’t need to travel to Seville to take part in our courses. As long as you have an internet connection, you can join us from any part of the world. We also provide one-on-one training sessions with our experienced teacher Irene, so that you can learn and improve your skills wherever you are.

We are passionate about our culture and helping our students reach their goals in Flamenco. We strive to create a supportive and comfortable environment where our students can learn and grow. Our classes are designed to be engaging and enjoyable, as well as informative and comprehensive. We are committed to helping our students become the best Flamenco dancers they can be.
Irene “La Sentío” is an inspiration for us all.
A professional flamenco dancer of foreign descent, she has achieved the impossible by breaking into the exclusive world of flamenco, proving that “Flamenco is for Gypsies and Spaniards” is not necessarily true.
Not only did Irene "La Sentío" succeed in her field, but she also did so with unmatched grace. Her performances are the embodiment of emotion and storytelling with a deep musical understanding of flamenco, captivating audiences everywhere she goes. Her commitment to her craft is a testament to her dedication and hard work and it is something we can all learn from.
Irene "La Sentío" is a true pioneer in the world of Flamenco. Through her efforts, she has opened the door for future generations to also pursue their dream of becoming Flamenco dancers. Her legacy will continue to inspire those who wish to emulate her success, no matter their background.

We offer the knowledge that is learned from experience 
and only earned "onstage".​​​​​​​
We at "La Sentío Flamenco School" are proud to honor Irene "La Sentío" and her many accomplishments. Her story is an inspiration and a reminder that dreams are achievable if we put our minds and hearts into them. With her guidance, we strive to not only be successful in our own endeavors, but also to create a safe, accepting, and inclusive environment for all aspiring dancers.
Let Irene show you the beauty of Flamenco!

Irene offers what others do not: 
The tools that will set you free to experience the art of Flamenco.
We believe that our approach to Flamenco will help students to gain an understanding of the art form in its most authentic sense, allowing them to dance with determination and passion. Ultimately, our mission is to help our students to appreciate Flamenco in all its beauty and complexity by transmitting and communicating all of the codes and secrets that are essential to mastering the dance.
If you want to know more about Irene, please visit her website at www.IreneLaSentio.com.
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