Multilingual classes in English, Spanish, Italian, and Greek. Also Japanese (CT)

They are live assistance classes designed to promote learning through participation and the value of belonging to a flamenco community. This formula will improve your commitment to flamenco by validating your goals.

Our current classes include:
Body technique
Bulerías 'al cante'
Masterclasses on different 'palos'

"Be part of an international community of flamenco students where, in addition to learning, you can meet more people with your same passion and concerns."

Technique classes focus not only on the different footwork techniques but also on the collocation of the body and on the coordination between both. We work on different material with turns, 'marcajes', and lots of flamenco attitude.
These classes are guided listening work, with the purpose to integrate the "cante por bulerías" to finally understand how to "bailar al cante".
Not only do we learn steps but we try all the different options we have to dance them according to the "cante".
In these classes we dance and analyze the specifics of one 'palo flamenco' and we learn how to dance according to the 'cante' and how to control the structure of the whole dance.

Benefits of participating in the class:

Reinforce your commitment to Flamenco and to yourself.
Stay focused on your goals.
Evaluation and correction in real-time.
Ask anything you need to know from an active professional renowned bailaora, in Spanish, English, Italian, or Greek.
Be part of an authentic flamenco community.

Late Access to Classes
If you cannot attend the class or if you prefer, you can also have prolonged access to the recording of the class, and thus view it at your convenience, as many times as you want. Build your class routine to stay on track toward your main goal.
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