Online Classes -
Safe practice at the home checklist:

Do you have enough room to move without obstruction?
Can you move your arms without hitting any objects?
Is the floor suitable (e.g. not too hard or too slippery)?
Are you free from distractions (e.g. other people or pets)?
Are you wearing comfortable clothing?
Do you have any pre-existing injuries that you need to be conscious of? If so, have you informed the teacher?
Remember to only do what is comfortable for you
Remember that is it okay to adapt the material to your body and the space around you.
Do you have people at home to help in the unlikely event you get injured during class? If not, please make sure you have provided us with an emergency contact number.
Have you warmed up before class? Remember to cool down after class
Does your device have sufficient battery to last the duration of the class or is it connected to a power source?
Are the wires tucked away safely?
Is your internet connection working properly?
Is your audio working on your device?
We will hold emergency contact details for all participants in case of injury if/when the participant is unable to get support at home.
There is no guarantee that any online platform is fully secure, We are putting a number of measures in place to protect your privacy during these classes. These include:
- All classes are a closed event and only available to those who have booked in advance. Access is via a password to join.

- Only the host will be able to record the classes
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