At "La Sentío" Flamenco School, we understand the importance of providing teachers with specialized training to ensure that they can provide their students with a comprehensive education method. 
We offer a variety of courses as well as workshops on technique, flamenco musicality, and choreography.  We also offer advice on the history and culture of Flamenco and its musicality, and pedagogy. 
Our courses are designed to increase the teachers’ knowledge and abilities and help them develop their teaching skills. 

We provide them with the necessary materials and resources needed to teach a comprehensive and effective Flamenco class. We provide them with guidance and support to help them improve their teaching. Our courses are tailored to fit the needs of each teacher, and we believe in the importance of providing individualized attention and support. 
We also offer resources such as ON-DEMAND videos with lessons that can be used to supplement their classes and improve their technique. 

It takes away the mandatory need to travel to Spain every year
Technique improvement
Create teaching skills 
New appetizing, stimulating, and fresh material
Increase the loyalty of students to classes
Increase in reputation with new resources
Saving time and money

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